The Bournemouth Journey, Part 1: Arrival

Thursday, 27th August:


This year, we chose Bournemouth in South West England as destination for our family holiday, because we were looking for some Doctor Who event we could attend. As such events are rarely found anywhere outside the UK (except from the US), we chose the one in Bournemouth, in the end of August, where two of my favourite Doctor Who actors would be present.

The flight from Munich to Heathrow was quite unspectacular, then we took the National Express bus directly to Bournemouth. The weather was, well, British. Some rain, some sun, some wind, some twenty degrees. Not suitable for people who want to have 38°C and permanent sunshine for their holiday. But at the beach, you can find some few people swimming in the sea anyway. Of course I had to test the water the first day, soon after our arrival, but only by walking some few steps inside, because I didn’t bring my swimming trunks, and my wife and children thought it too cold anyway. Perhaps some other day.

After a quick tour round the town for orientation we decided to get a bite and then to return to our room. We were quite tired that day, because we had to get up at four to get ready for our flight, so we all fell fast asleep.

We are staying in a small B&B not far from the Bournemouth Inernational Centre, where the convention is taking place, which is owned by a nice Portuguese couple. Seagulls are laughing all the time somewhere, just like we hear the cocks crowing at home.

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