The Bournemouth Journey, Part 4: A day at the beach

Sunday, 30th August:


Today wasn’t very spectacular: we just went to the Oceanarium in the morning, which shows a multitude of animals from in and around the seven seas, and some rivers also. New since this springs are a couple of Humboldt penguins. It’s quite nicely done, but far too small for my taste. But I always say that facing such animal display houses, especially ocean ones – comparing the small confinements of such premises to the openness of the sea – and ironical though, in Bournemouth the sea – the real one –  is just a few yards away!

After that we strolled along the beach, because the weather wasn’t that fine and also my wife had caught a little cold in yesterday’s change between warm (waiting in full costume for the masquerade) and cold (air conditioning).

But at least I could take some wonderful pictures of fish and turtles, an later of great plants in the Alum Chine Tropical Garden, which I insisted in visiting.

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