The Bournemouth Journey, Part 8: the Way Home

Thursday, 3rd September:


We packed early in the morning, then went down to our last „Full English Breakfast“ for a long time. Although I hope I can conjure up some such thing also at home – problem is to get hold of those sausages and bacon, because our sausages are spiced in some completely other way, and Tyrolean bacon is a totally other thing than English bacon, with all that taste-altering smoking, which is, in my opinion, just out of tradition, because today nobody can honestly claim it’s for preservation.

Then we set out for a last walk along the beach and around the town, eating our last haddock and chips (I’ll miss them, really!), and then back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and check out.

The voyage to Heathrow was as unspectacular as the one in the other direction. We were too early for the evening traffic jam, and we had plenty of time to check in and  pass the anti-terrorism-scrutiny at the security check. So we had some two hours left until our plane was due, we carried too many pounds and pence to take home and there were plenty of shops to spend them. Of course, Harrod’s or Tiffany’s aren’t our price level, but as my wife mistrusted the „snacks“ they serve on airplanes, she thought it wise to buy some snacks at the airport. And some souvenirs. For the records: I got myself a box of Kitkats that’s shaped like a red telephone booth with a Buckingham Palace guard in front of it.

The plane was delayed, so we got to Munich a few minutes after 11pm. Then to the hotel for a refreshing sleep and then, the next morning we finally entered the bus back to Innsbruck.

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