about me

My name is Ewald Strohmar-Mauler , born 1965 in Vienna, I live in Tyrol , near Innsbruck .

Since 1985, I have been working as an IT specialist, but I’m also a trained geriatrics nurse and I’ve earned a degree in Cultural Studies. Since 2009, I am producing a monthly cultural radio show on a citizen radio.

In the summer of 2015, I found out that showing people around Innsbruck is great fun and so I decided to take up the training as tourist guide , which I finished successfully in March 2017. So I’m entitled to offer guided tours in all of Austria.

My various interests range from cultural anthropology, history and art (history) as well as photography, architecture, music and literature to costumes and masks, clownery and Commedia dell’arte. Therefore, you can be sure that there won’t be any boredom during a tour or tour with me.

I would be happy to show you all the facettes of our wonderful Tyrol soon!

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